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Welcome to the Chronicles of a Dare! This site was created to feature not just any X-Men fanfiction, but more specifically, my X-Men fanfiction. In fact, here - let me introduce you.

See her there, on the left? That's Dfi, my original female character. I know that there are many, many original characters out there. In fact, it's gotten to where a lot of readers automatically assume the worst from original characters. I'm trying to prove them at least marginally wrong. I first created Dfi because I had the urge to write Wolverine/Gambit/and-someone-else smut, but didn't really feel that any of the cannon characters fit well. Then the strangest thing happened. She took on an entire life of her own. What started off as something that was supposed to be mindless PWP has become something much bigger.

Now I know you're all saying "Wow! What a great artist! Could you draw something for us??" In a word - no. Because I'm not the artist. The excellent artwork was done for me by the wonderful husband of my wonderful friend. Cool, huh? So email Chris Lewis and tell him how awesome he is. Dfi wouldn't be what she is without him, and I'm forever grateful. In case you don't get the point, this artwork is the sole property of Chris Lewis. Keep your dirty mitts off.

While I'm on the subject of things that don't belong to me - I do not own the X-Men. They are the property of Marvel. No infringement is intended or implied. I'm a stay at home mother that has no money for you to take, so please don't sue me.

Now for the inconsequential stuff - all design and original content not otherwise claimed is mine. Please email me for archive rights. Thank you.

by FreeWebWare

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